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How to work with a promotional marketing partner

In a crowded and competitive market like Australia, your business promotions are what set you apart from your competitors. And one of the key ways to promote your business is through the creative and effective use of promotional products. Whilst you could attempt to create and produce these yourself, a much better and more powerful solution is to leverage the expertise of a promotional marketing partner.

In this article we’ll:

  • examine why working with a partner is so powerful
  • discover 5 ways that promotional products can build your business
  • show how tshirt printing can give you more ‘bang for your buck’
  • outlineasimple process to help you optimize your relationship with your marketing partners

Use a partner to supercharge your business promotions

In Australia we like to think of ourselves as omni-competent – we can do anything we set our minds to do. The reality is that we all have different areas of expertise and the wise businessman or businesswoman recognises their weaknesses and then finds someone with the right skillset to fill the gap. Working with the right promotional marketing partner and leveraging their creativity, expertise and knowledge can put your business streets ahead of your competition. This relationship is both unique and potentially high-value, so it is crucial to get it right. The key is to find a partner who:

  • carefully and consistently listens to your needs
  • communicates clearly
  • understands your promotional objectives
  • is committed to achieving them together

5 ways promotional products can build your business

Promotional products have been used in business and politics for a long time. The first products in America date back to 1789. They were commemorative buttons for the election of President George Washington. Of course, a good promotional marketing partner knows the enormous value that promotional products can have to your business. The right products can be used:

  • to build brand awareness with your target audience and beyond
  • to increase traffic at tradeshows
  • as PR tools to inform, persuade and remind your existing customers
  • to generate new customers through product giveaways and incentives
  • in the context of guerrilla marketing – on celebrities, in ambient marketing, etc.

Tshirt printing – a great example

The tshirt can be, and certainly has been, a powerful marketing tool. As well as being ‘wearable artwork’, the tshirt can also be ‘wearable advertising’. In Australia, the casual lifestyle means that people love their tshirts and they especially love tshirts that make a statement. According to Wikipedia, wearable items constitute over 30% of promotional products, and the tshirt is by far the most popular of these items. A savvy promotional marketing partner can harness the power of the tshirt to:

  • increase your brand’s visibility using ‘walking billboards’
  • increase your customers’ brand loyalty by creating a tshirt they love to wear
  • help your staff to feel committed, valued and motivated

How to work with your promotional marketing partner

Like all relationships there is a process to follow in finding, engaging and working with a marketing partner whether they are providing signage, international marketing or even looking after your tshirt printing requirements. And in each case, the process is the same:

  1. Consultation
    You will meet with a consultant to discuss your promotional needs and get some general ideas of what they can offer your business. Their ability to listen and understand your requirements is of paramount importance.
  2. Quotation
    Obviously the quote must meet your budget limitations, but detailed itemisation of business promotionsis crucial. Remember, cheaper is not always better. Look for the most ‘bang for your buck’.
  3. Design
    Now the quote is accepted the creative process begins. This process should be a conversation- don’t forget that your partner should be seeking to achieve your
  4. Approval and production
    When the design is complete you need to approve and sign off on it so it can be sent to production. Your partner should give you a clear timeline of the production schedule.
  5. Completion and settling of accounts
  6. Review
    Work with your promotional marketing partners to review the effectiveness of the campaign – both of you have an interest in its success and effectiveness.

In Australia, as in the rest of the world, working with a promotional marketing partner can be highly beneficial, increasing the effectiveness of your business promotions and ensuring that you get the most value out of promotional products. Even t-shirt printing, if used wisely, can be a powerful marketing tool to get your brand out there and build customer loyalty and interest. If you know what you want, a promotional marketing partner can use their creativity and expertise to help you get it. It is an investment well worth making.

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Using Custom T-Shirts to Promote Your Business or Charity

There are lots of amazing reasons why you could consider choosing Australian promotional products.  However, t-shirts do make some of the very best customized products.  Everyone wears t-shirts and they can appeal to anyone once they see a slogan or picture printed on them.  Though, it’s very simple to create a great t-shirt that gets people talking.  That is just one reason why custom t-shirts are a great way to promote something you love, however, it is also a great way to help promote your charity and your business.

  • Cheap But Effective
  • Easy To Create
  • Get People’s Attention
  • Print What You Want

These are only a few good reasons why using custom t-shirts to promote your business or charity can be great, there are many ways in which it can help you.

Doing Your Bit for Charity

T-shirt printing promotional products Sydney services can be absolutely fantastic for anyone who wishes to get the word out there about a charity.  Whether you are a founding member or someone who wants to raise money for a charity, you can use t-shirts as a way to get the word out.  This helps to build publicity for the charity and get others thinking as well which is of course extremely important when it comes to charity work.

If you are planning a special charity walk or event then you could use t-shirts as a way to get the word out also.  You can have the name of the charity on the shirt and the event such as a fancy dress walk or skipping contest.  Whatever it may be, you can promote it on your t-shirts.

Promoting Your Business with Special Sydney Uniforms

If you want to get your business promoted more, you could use promotional services to help create business uniforms with your company’s name and logo on it.  What is more, you can promote the business threw a variety of ways including with t-shirts and work wear Australia customization.  This can be a fantastic method to get a little more exposure for your business because if the public interacts with those with the shirts, its good publicity.

What is more, a special t-shirt design really does offer your business more potential.  It could even be used as a free gift with certain purchases.  That way, you get the word out more about your business and at the same time, make a sale.

Good Choices to Choose

When it comes to Australian business promotions, you will find there are really hundreds of options.  You can choose from a huge variety of designs, slogans and everything else in between. You can even create your own designs and get them printed up which is great for your business.  It doesn’t have to be too costly and of course, you get publicity.

Whether you are looking to promote your business or your charity or a special event, promotional t-shirts can absolutely work!  They can be a great tool to consider when it comes the time to get the word out about something important to you.  It can be simple and Sydney promotional apparel can be very effective to get your point across.

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Polo Shirt Styles


The Polo Shirt rose to popularity in the 1930s and has since been an exemplar of flexibility. Well-suited for the office or the field, the polo shirt lets men work or play in comfort while maintaining an air of formality. Polo shirts come in a number of different styles:

Performance Polo Shirts:

Performance polo shirts are the quintessential golf shirt. These shirts are rugged and durable in the face of extreme condition and can be embroidered with logos. Performance polo’s are the most costly and become even more expensive when additional features are incorporated, such a UV protection and anti-microbial treatment to reduce odor.

Blended Polo Shirts:

A middle ground between performance polo shirts and lower end polo shirts, blended polo shirts give you the durability and ruggedness at a lower price point. As such, blended polo shirts are the preferred attire for work uniforms. They resist stains well and hold up to repeat washing. Like a performance polo shirt, blended polo’s can be embroidered but are not particularly well-suited for printing.

100% Cotton Polo Shirts:

Cotton polo shirts are comfortable, affordable and easily available anywhere but carries a few disadvantages. Cotton polo’s tend to shrink (they are sometimes shipped pre-shrunk). Cotton is also prone to wrinkles and doesn’t resist stains very well.

There are number of different cotton fabric styles. Interlock cotton shirts have a soft, smooth texture while pique knit shirts have a wider weave and heavier fabric. There are also two types of cotton: pima and combed. Pima is finer, heavier and tends to have fewer imperfections and is thus costlier.

Jersey Knit Polo Shirts

Jersey knit polo’s are the most affordable polo shirts and the least formal. These are more on par with a collared t-shirt than performance polo’s and do not hold up well to repeated washes or stains. They can, however, be printed or silk screened. Jersey knit polo shirts can also be embroidered.



Polo shirts are a great shirt to have in your wardrobe. Less casual than a t-shirt but more affordable and durable than a dress shirt, polo shirts are the perfect intersection between style and comfort. Choose a collection of polo shirts that will meet your needs and fit your activities. Just like every man needs a variety of dress shirts, you should also have a polo shirt that will be appropriate for whatever the circumstance demands.for more detailed information, go to the original source.

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Matching a Tie with your Shirt

Damien Matric

If style is the goal, then a men’s shirt is only half the equation. No formal getup is complete without a tie. But contrary to what some men may think, not all ties match with your shirt. Follow these tips to make sure that your tie coordinates with your ensemble, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Start with Your Shirt

Begin with a shirt that complements or coordinates with your suit. Dress shirts and ties should coordinate with your suit pants, so starting with the shirt will simplify the process. Unless you’re attending a black tie affair (literally), avoid a tie that matches your suit pants.

Pick out the Dominant Color in your Shirt

With a solid color dress shirt, this is a no brainer. But for patterned or striped shirts, you’ll want to base your coordination on the color that is most noticeable. Look for which colors stand out from a distance.

Match or Complement the Dominant Color

For a patterned or striped shirt, choosing a tie that matches the dominant color can work well—as long as you can find a perfect match. If not, go with one that complements, such as red with green or blue with yellow. If you’re not sure, take a look at a color wheel. Never match colors with a solid shirt. Anything goes with a white shirt.

Be Careful with Patterns

Patterned ties can sometimes go with a patterned shirt, but make sure the pattern contrasts between the two of them. For example, a striped tie with a stripe shirt can work, but make sure the stripes are of significantly different widths. Otherwise, you run the risk of the tie blending in with your shirt. When in doubt, choose a solid tie with a patterned shirt.

And, as always, avoid going overboard with patterns. A striped shirt with a striped suit and a striped tie will most likely be a nightmare. Enjoy your patterns in moderation.

Lastly, make sure that you stay within your comfort zone. Wear clothing that matches your confidence level and your personality. If you’d rather not wear a flashy tie in public, opt for something safer. Clothes compliment your attitude, and feeling comfortable in your attire goes a long way in pulling off a look.

Damien Matric

By filling out your wardrobe with a variety of shirts, you’ll always be dressed for success.

Make sure that you have a shirt for every occasion and each season. Consider the above and how it affects your comfort and the level of formality. I have seen the best cross between casual and formaility where a t-shirt would be printed with a tie or a tuxedo design using a t-shirt design tool to create you very own “formal” look. A design for every occasion.

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How to Wear a Plaid Shirt in a Formal Setting

promotional shirts

Plaid shirts were once reserved for the rugged outdoors man—the hunter or the lumberjack. But today, plaid shirts are becoming more acceptable in places such as the office, restaurants and at formal events. But pulling off a formal plaid shirt takes a bit of finesse and style savvy. Check out some of these tips for wearing your plaid in public without raising eyebrows.

Wear a Tie

A tie dresses up a plaid shirt deftly, but the challenge is finding one that doesn’t clash with the multitudinous hues in your shirt. The easiest route is to choose a solid colored tie that coordinates with one of the dominant colors in your shirt. Go for a darker, more subdued color such as black, brown or grey for a more formal look. For a casual setting, feel free to venture into blues, purples or burgundies.

Overachievers can attempt a checkered tie, but it’ll complicate the task of coordinating with your shirt. Make sure the colors complement, but avoid patterns that are the same size as on your shirt—otherwise your tie’s pattern will act like camouflage.

Wear Dress Pants

Pair your plaid with some solid-colored slacks that coordinate with a dominant, but neutral color in your plaid dress shirt. That’s right—goes for tan, brown, black or navy blue. Bright red pants rarely go over well at weddings.

Accessorize in Style

Coordinate your dress pants and plaid shirt along with a matching belt and shoes. Go for black or brown shoes and a leather belt when these colors are present in your plaid shirt.

promotional shirts

Don Cuff Links and a Blazer

Up the ante all the way to formal with a black blazer that coordinates with your pants and a dominate color in your plaid shirt and you’re ready for a wedding or a night on the town at a fancy restaurant. Keep your shirt, blazer, pants and belt subdued. Use the cufflinks as an opportunity to flaunt your personality and maybe even a little bling.


Plaid can swing it at work or at a social outing, as long as it’s done tastefully with impeccable coordination. If you’ve got an eye for colors and complements, give it a shot. If not, you might want to ask for a second opinion before leaving the house in a plaid shirt. By filling out your wardrobe with a variety of shirts, you’ll always be dressed for success.

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Why Promotional Products are Effective Marketing Tools


There are many reasons that promotional products are fantastic marketing tools. It can be very difficult to market your business, especially if you have a lot of competitors for your product. Using promotional products can help to improve your image and your business reputation if they are used correctly. It is always important to do your research so you can find out what promotional products will work best for your business.

Here are the top 6 reasons to use promotional products:

o Bring attention to your company. Nowadays when people get a flyer on the street, they usually throw it in the trash right away. Who wouldn’t in our busy lives what good is a piece of paper? This is why promotional products are much better than ads and flyers. Your customer will never throw away a pen or T-shirt they get, if it is of good quality, because they will use them over and over again.

o Commercials, advertisements and billboards are good ways to advertise, but they are not very original and most people are sick of commercials anyways. Promotional products are more practical and much more interesting. Fancy Pens, reusable material bags to carry all kind of things in, bright colorful t-shirts, warm stylish hoodies and practical baseball caps, are material items that customers see and use every day.

o Using an interesting design or a catchy slogan is a great way for people to recognize your company’s brand and what better way to get your brand out there then splashing it across a t-shirt or key chain or lanyard for the whole world to see.

o Customers love free gifts, especially if they are of good quality. They will tell their friends about the product they got from you for free and brag about how great the item is. This leadsto word of mouth about your business spreading so much faster and in the endthese results bring about brand awareness. Brand awareness means more customers and more customers mean more revenue for your company.

o Another effective marketing tool is motivation. You should give promotional products not only to customers, to motivate them to come back and buy from your company again, but also to your employees. This helps to promote a feeling of belonging to a team but also can be used as a gift for a job well done. This can motivate employees to work harder and be more loyal to your more information in our latest blog post.


o You can help raise money for charity. Donating promotional products to a charity is a win win situation. Given as a gift or sold at an auction type event can raise money for a school or charity. Donating things like T-shirts or hoodies to a shelter or something school means you are not only helping someone in need of clothing but you are promoting your company and also showing you are a company interested in the community. Customers remember companies that are generous and concerned and tend to have loyalty to those companies for their generosity.

Promotional products are a great long term marketing tool, if you choose the right one for your company. A quality product like T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, pens and key chains;which can be used over and over again and can last for years. Then this means long term exposure for you company’s brand.

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T-shirt printing: Why promotional clothing can hit the spot


You have decided to start a marketing campaign for your company. You want to figure out the best way to the get the word out about your company and the great products you offer. What should you do? Advertising can cost a lot of money and there is no way to know if certain advertising techniques will work for your brand. Think promotional clothing. T-shirts, hoodies, baseball hats, reusable material bags and the list goes on.

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How to Choose the Right Promotional Products for your Business?

promotional products sample

The first question you need to ask yourself is who are these promotional products for? Are they for you everyday customer? Are they for your business vendors? This is an important question, Business customers will appreciate products like coffee mugs, pens, notepads, mouse pads and items related to their business. Everyday customers usually prefer something very practical like T-shirts, hoodies, caps, key chains and items related to everyday use.

Do more men use your products then women? Is your target customer base younger people or older people? A recent survey conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute showed that seniors (aged 55+) tend to keep more of the top cost-per-impressions promotional products like pens and calendars while younger people (21-34) prefer safety products and promotional food items. Mugs, T-shirts and jackets appear to be favorite freebies for all ages.

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Make Promotional Products Work for your Business

promotional products

Have you ever gone shopping somewhere and received a free promotional item? Like a key chain or coffee mug or a T-shirt? Businesses do this so that the customer will remember them.

Customers tend to remember when they get something free; they also judge a business by what the free item is like. If it is a quality key chain the customer will think Wow!This is the nice; if it is a junk key chain the customer will throw it away and think how cheap.

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