Why Promotional Products are Effective Marketing Tools


There are many reasons that promotional products are fantastic marketing tools. It can be very difficult to market your business, especially if you have a lot of competitors for your product. Using promotional products can help to improve your image and your business reputation if they are used correctly. It is always important to do your research so you can find out what promotional products will work best for your business.

Here are the top 6 reasons to use promotional products:

o Bring attention to your company. Nowadays when people get a flyer on the street, they usually throw it in the trash right away. Who wouldn’t in our busy lives what good is a piece of paper? This is why promotional products are much better than ads and flyers. Your customer will never throw away a pen or T-shirt they get, if it is of good quality, because they will use them over and over again.

o Commercials, advertisements and billboards are good ways to advertise, but they are not very original and most people are sick of commercials anyways. Promotional products are more practical and much more interesting. Fancy Pens, reusable material bags to carry all kind of things in, bright colorful t-shirts, warm stylish hoodies and practical baseball caps, are material items that customers see and use every day.

o Using an interesting design or a catchy slogan is a great way for people to recognize your company’s brand and what better way to get your brand out there then splashing it across a t-shirt or key chain or lanyard for the whole world to see.

o Customers love free gifts, especially if they are of good quality. They will tell their friends about the product they got from you for free and brag about how great the item is. This leadsto word of mouth about your business spreading so much faster and in the endthese results bring about brand awareness. Brand awareness means more customers and more customers mean more revenue for your company.

o Another effective marketing tool is motivation. You should give promotional products not only to customers, to motivate them to come back and buy from your company again, but also to your employees. This helps to promote a feeling of belonging to a team but also can be used as a gift for a job well done. This can motivate employees to work harder and be more loyal to your company.read more information in our latest blog post.


o You can help raise money for charity. Donating promotional products to a charity is a win win situation. Given as a gift or sold at an auction type event can raise money for a school or charity. Donating things like T-shirts or hoodies to a shelter or something school means you are not only helping someone in need of clothing but you are promoting your company and also showing you are a company interested in the community. Customers remember companies that are generous and concerned and tend to have loyalty to those companies for their generosity.

Promotional products are a great long term marketing tool, if you choose the right one for your company. A quality product like T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, pens and key chains;which can be used over and over again and can last for years. Then this means long term exposure for you company’s brand.http://www.marketing-made-simple.com/articles/promotional-items.htm#.UwkGjIXnZMI

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